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When I was a child my mother would always tell me “You can be anything you want to be”. But I kept changing my mind every day, I wanted to be a pilot one day a police officer the next, there were so many things out there and I wanted to try every single one of them. All of them in one lifetime? Seemed impossible! There was no job out there which had it all, until I looked at acting. Suddenly everything seemed possible, I could be a doctor, a teacher, a terrorist, a scientist. The options were endless! Acting looked like a very tempting career option to me, so I decided to research it a bit further. If you are looking for acting academy in pune then cnc stage crafts is a good option for you to learn and make career in this field also.

Every job has its own pros and cons, when you start looking at job options it is essential to keep in mind what are the advantages you want in your job. Some people enjoy stability while other enjoy moving constantly. In my head I knew that I wanted a job that provided me with respect, fame and money. So, I started looking at different jobs. Government jobs offered a lot of income and a very stable lifestyle it wasn’t hectic but fixed with a definite schedule, but I didn’t want that, I didn’t want to be tied down by a schedule, so I moved onto the other major field: the IT sector. The IT sector offered me a chance to travel regularly however I couldn’t take holidays when I wanted, and neither would I have the time to experience my passions of singing dancing and acting. This made me reject this job field completely. On researching about acting further I was exposed to a huge field, acting didn’t just involve the emotional scenes or the action-packed ones, it involved being open to ideas, new concepts and learning to empathize with peoples and roles I had to fit into.

Acting as a career is not a career choice for many yet it is a dream of so many more. Every Shah Rukh fan dreams of finding his Anjali every Deepika Padukone fan dreams about herself in the red lehenga dancing to the tunes of Sanjay Leela Bhansali. The career path of acting is comparatively slow it involves a lot of practise, participating in workshops, attending classes and performing in endless auditions. But as Colin Powell once said: A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat determination and hard work. And that is what every aspiring actor must put in to achieve his or her dream. Even though acting is a tough road to take its output is fantastic! Today almost every person in the country knows who Salman Khan is, it is because of his hard work as an actor. Apart from the name also comes the respect, seeking respect and not attention is the goal of almost every person. Working as an actor means that you are also blessed with the attention that people shower on you. Name, Respect, Fame. And of course the Money! Katrina Kaif has a net worth of 320 crores! Truly acting as a career is a perfect example of hard work paying off.

Today movies are not just limited to emotional dramas and thrillers but the spectrum has opened up so much more. Cinema is a medium that can translate ideas. Movies act as eye openers for the public. Some tales bring up glory of the days gone past and of heroes unsung and yet others act as the stepping stone into the future world of possibilities. All of this is what lies in the hands of the acting industry. Especially in a country like India the cinema is one of the biggest influencing factors, because theatres and movies have reached out to places where possibly even education hasn’t reached. This is what the power of an actor is, to change the life of people with his or her talents. Imagine this, acting gives you the opputrtunity to change the lives of people. Acting makes you an influencer and this is possibly one of the best things. Apart from that movies and actors can help remove the taboo around certain things by talking about it and portraying it in their movies. For instance drug abuse was always talked about in hushed hushed whispers until the release of Udta Punjab, which is when this was treated as a serious problem and thanks to the movie drug rehabilitation centres are increasing.

Acting gives a person a chance to test their own limits, each person discovers new talents within themselves when faced with a challenge. And acting gives you a chance to experience things which no other profession can offer, in one movie an actor could be bungee jumping in Australia, partying in Miami and feeding a cow in India. This wide spectrum of opportunities do not exist in any other profession. FTII is the national centre for theatre and cinema in India. Located in Pune it has multiple films to its credit. These films have been screened in multiple international film festivals. This is one of the reasons for the growing number of acting classes in Pune. There are also many cinematography classes in Pune because of the same reason. Acting does not always mean being present in front of the camera, sometimes actors also lend their voices for animated films. Animated films are generally for children however some animated films are also meant for adults. Incredibles 2 was an animated film that released recently, Craig T Nelson, Holly Hunter and Samuel L. Jackson were a few actors who lent their voice for this film.

When we take a step back and look at this crazy chaotic career of acting we can see that through the heard work and pain all of it truly pays off. Each career has its own flaws and strengths and acting is truly a career for those whose strengths lie in the creative field.

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